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At Montessori Discovery School it is our mission to ensure that respect, curiosity, and joy are a part of every day. 

History & Affiliations

Montessori Discovery School has been a continuous Montessori program in the Syracuse area for over 40 years.

MDS is affiliated with 

  • Members of Syracuse Child Care Solutions
  • Members of International Montessori Council


Our Classroom


Children ages 3-7 work together in a multi-age setting that provides opportunities for each to acquire the skills necessary to reach his or her potential. Our classroom promotes modeling, where younger children learn from observing the behavior of older children. Older students benefit by taking on leadership roles, developing nurturing traits, and reinforcing newly learned skills through "teaching" others. Manipulative, self-corrective materials, designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, promote learning through hands-on experience, serving to develop motor skills, refine the senses and encourage curiosity. Self-motivation and intellectual growth develop naturally. The Montessori practical life and sensorial activities lay the foundation for more advanced work in language, math, science and geography. The classroom is staffed by a dedicated, experienced team of Montessori-trained teachers.

First Grade at MDS


The Montessori early childhood classroom is typically a 3-year program, with children beginning at age three and graduating at the end of kindergarten. At MDS, we recognize that each child is an individual with a unique personality, learning style and pattern of growth. For this reason, it is beneficial for some children to have one more year in a familiar environment and stay at MDS for 1st grade. First graders are included in our multi-age classroom, where they are already comfortable and confident. The teachers know each child well, and are able to provide an individualized curriculum, based on student needs. During the school day, first graders have opportunities to work independently, to collaborate with peers and teachers, and even to teach lessons to younger students. Art, music, physical education, science, Spanish and cultural studies are also integral components to the First Grade experience at MDS.

Music, Spanish, Art and Science

Montessori Discovery School is committed to the education of the whole child.


  • Our music teacher joins us weekly.

  • Children are introduced to the Spanish language through songs, rhymes and games.

  • Art is central to our curriculum. 

  • Our Science Coordinator leads the children in exploring the world of science. Lessons alternate every other week between the whole class and special extensions for the kindergartners and first graders.

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